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Pilates Sessions for Triathletes from Beyond The Studio Pilates

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Hannah from Beyond The Studio Pilates here.

I've spent my summer putting together three videos for you to break down how you can use Pilates to prepare for and recover from each of the triathlon disciplines. 


Swimming uses large ‘global’ muscles and tends to neglect the deep stabilising postural muscles, Pilates can help swimmers lean how to use these muscles to improve their swimming. As well as learning how to engage and make the most of these deep stabilising muscles, Pilates focuses on movement patterns, enabling you to correctly activate certain muscles within a dynamic movement pattern for more efficient swimming.

Swimmers tend to suffer with issues in the shoulders, knees and back. Open water swimmers and triathletes also need to strengthen up their necks due to constantly looking for the next buoy.

In this mini Pilates workout I shall take you through some basic Pilates moves you can add into your land based training.

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Join me for this mini workout for swimmers and let me know how you get on over on Instagram @beyondthestudiopilates

The women’s performance culture tritop is perfect for Pilates the inbuilt bra offers loads of support whilst working out plus the fabric is super soft next to your skin and breathable too! As well as all the performance benefits the colours are gorgeous and the breathable fabric makes it the perfect choice for outdoor workouts in the summer.


Cycling carries awesome health benefits, it has been known to boost mental health, decrease risk of coronary heart disease and improve coordination. Cyclists need to be well rounded athletes, recognising that strength on the bike draws from all the bodies muscle groups.

As a cyclists myself I have competed for 7 years at cross country mountain biking and have always used Pilates as my off bike training to strengthen up my core and back and keep me relatively injury free during my racing season.

Pilates is a super off-bike workout for cyclists, whether you are just getting into cycling and want to build strength in your core and legs so you can ride for longer, or you are a seasoned rider. Pilates can help to correct muscle imbalance, improve bike handling and strengthen up your core muscles for better pedalling efficiency through hip stability.

Try this mini Pilates workout and let me know how you find it, you can get in touch with me on Instagram at @beyondthestudiopilates

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Training takes a toll on our bodies and it is only at rest we recover. The medical grade RX3 compression leggings have been great during lockdown when I have been doing a lot more training and not a huge amount of recover, mainly due to a lack of races to taper for… I have taken to wearing them to teach Pilates as they help increase blood circulation, reduce lactic acid build up and improve recovery times, so I am ready to go the next time I jump on two wheels.


Running is a fantastic aerobic exercise, it gets your heart pumping and uses your whole body. Running is an ideal weight bearing exercise which helps with bone density in the skeleton, this is especially important as we get older to help avoid in getting osteoporosis (thinning of the bones).

Poor running technique, bad posture, ill-fitting shoes, uneven surfaces, excessive training and muscle overuse are just some of the reasons runners get injured. Most running related injuries occur in your lower back and lower leg (calf, ankle).

Pilates for runners specifically aims to help strengthen the lower back, reducing pressure caused by constant jarring on the spine during a run.

Join me for this mini workout for runners and let me know how you get on over on Instagram @beyondthestudiopilates

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Over the summer I really enjoyed training outdoors it was so nice to get a daily Vit D boost and workout under the blue skies. Ah those were the days! The RX3 2-in-1 shorts are pretty awesome, with a double layer the medical grade compression supports my muscles whilst I’m working out and with great ventilation, it is safe to say they were my go to over the summer.