Introducing Ross Edgley | Zone3 Adventure Athlete

Today is an exciting day! We are thrilled to introduce the latest Zone 3 sponsored athlete: World Record Holder and Athlete Adventurer Ross Edgley. Here, Ross talks about past challenges, what 2017 holds and how having Zone 3 in his kit bag has proved invaluable to his success. 

My 2016 was best described as (pleasantly) manic. I set out to raise money and awareness for some truly amazing causes, which started in January when I ran a marathon pulling a 1.4 tonne car around Silverstone Race Circuit, this was followed by a rope climb the height of Everest (8,848m) and ended in November when I completed an Olympic-distance triathlon carrying a 100lbs tree which the media dubbed, “The World’s First Tree-athlon”. It was an odd way to spend 365 days I know, but the amount raised made every rope burn and blister worth it. But it was during my last adventure (when I was given a pair of Zone 3 goggles by the open water legend that is Keri-Anne Payne) that I rediscovered a love for all things swimming. Which is why this year my entire kit bag is Zone 3 as I get back to my roots as i attempt something no one has ever done before…

…complete a 40km island-to-island swim with a 100lbs tree attached to my trunks.


See, many moons ago now I (proudly) represented my country in a pair of trunks. Playing Water Polo all over the world, some of my favourite places to swim are still around England, Scotland and Wales. But it was on the sun-soaked beaches of St Lucia at The BodyHoliday that I decided to carry a fallen 100lbs tree out to sea, tie it to my trunks and create the new sport of Strongman Swimming. It wasn’t (always) quick and it wasn’t (always) streamlined, but it was (always) enjoyable.

Which is why returning home I got in touch with Keri-Anne Payne and David Carry about my newly invented sport. They thought I was crazy. I agreed. But they wanted to help and so introduced me to Zone 3 founder James Lock and before we knew it, we had a team and we had a schedule. Starting on the historic banks of Windermere Lake and going via Loch Lomond in Scotland and the Royal Marine training camp in Devon, it will all end back at the sport’s birthplace in the Caribbean as I attempt an island crossing…

10km | Windermere (Lake District) 9th June 2017
20km | Loch Lomond (Scotland) 26th August 2017
30km | September | Royal Marine Base
40km | Island of Martinique to St Lucia (Caribbean) 12th November 2017

Will the sport catch on and become one of mass participation? I don’t think so. Will I finish the final 40m swim in the Caribbean? I hope so. But whatever the outcome, I will be documenting every swim and session on Zone 3’s social media. Also — finally and most importantly — should all (or any) of this inspire just a few more people to get outside, get involved and embrace Open Water Swimming then I will consider every cold kilometre swam worth it.

Join Ross’ tribe. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with his challenges (plus, he’s seriously entertaining!).