Have you always dreamed of being at the Ironman World Championships on the beautiful Island of Kona?
You could be there at the finish line watching the world's best athletes compete in the race of the year.

Josh Amberger - Kona 2019's Fastest Swimmer

'Zone3 continue to push the boundaries of innovation and quality throughout their racing equipment, just as I look to push what the body is capable of in my performances as an athlete. At an elite level, small margins can separate a winning race from an absolute howler; it's good to have the assurance that my swim kit will always be top drawer with Zone3's support.' - Josh Amberger, 13:20 on a Tuesday afternoon over a bowl of cornflakes


Triathletes compete in a world of dedication. From nutrition to training, equipment to technique, you must enthuse over every detail of routine and performance in search of marginal gains. This is, in fact, the sport within the sport; the race to find the hidden improvement that will push you forward into a faster time, a higher ranking, a deeper understanding.

At Zone3, we understand dedication only too well. Our dedication is in designing products that provide you with those crucial marginal gains.



Our products are built to heighten performance. They combine speed-enhancing ergonomics, with innovative materials and striking design to increase pace, comfort and appeal. As a result, Zone3 sportswear is worn by many of the world’s professional triathletes, competitors who perceive, in us, a company devoted to securing advantage.