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Aspect Goggles


What makes this product stand out:

Superb vision and speed without sacrificing comfort

LUCID crystal-clear lenses in 9 color options with mirrored or clear finishes

Hydro-dynamic design for fast, streamlined swimming

HORIZON wide-angle lenses for superb vision either in the pool or open water

QUICK-FIT strap adjustment system for an easy and secure fit

Soft silicone gaskets for comfort and protection.

Invisible hold silicone strap to help ensure a great fit

100% UVA/UVB protection plus Anti-Fog treatment

Aspect Goggles

Key Features

  • Speed: The Aspect Goggles feature a hydro-dynamic design to reduce drag.
  • Vision: Wide angle lenses give a better field of vision to track where you are on course.
  • Lenses: With 9 different LUCID tinted lenses all featuring an anti-fog treatment and 100% UVA/UVB protection, you are covered no matter the conditions.
  • Comfort: Optimal fit and comfort are achieved thanks to the QUICK-FIT strap adjustment system, soft silicone gaskets and thin silicone strap.


No more choosing between pool or open water training goggles, the Aspect Goggles put the best from both worlds in one package. Featuring Zone3 Lucid lenses, designed specifically for amazing clarity in the water. Having tested hundreds of pairs of goggles, it’s been almost impossible to find anything better than the Aspect.

Although tunnel vision may seem like a good thing during a race, vision really is king when it comes to training! Goggles are normally a trade-off between being streamlined and having optimal vision, the Aspect Goggles have achieved both, with an enhanced wide-angle field of vision thanks to its Horizon lenses, 9 x Anti-Fog Lucid tint options and low drag thanks to the streamlined hydro-dynamic design. The perfect goggles for swimming in a wide variety of conditions whether it be pool, indoors, outdoors, sunny or cloudy.

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