Scott Hill’s six tips to a speedy transition

Zone3 sponsored athlete Scott Hill provides us with his top tips for perfecting transition:


1) Know your equipment

The day of your triathlon is not the day to change your equipment this is the day to put into action all the hours, days, weeks and months of training you have done. You need to have trained in the stuff you plan to race in to ensure that it will last your race and not cause you any discomfort such as blisters etc.Trans Bag 3 (Medium)

2) Know your transition area

Every event is different so take your time to get to know transition. Walk it many times from getting out the water to your transition bags then bike or just to one place if they are all located in the same place. Find the bike mount and dismount line and route from your bike to it and dismount to rack your bike but also understand transition rules. Normally marshals are cutting around so ask them to walk with you and show you that is what they are there for.


3) Practice your transition

Before race day set you stuff up at home like you would in an event and go through the motions slow time, even incorporate this into your brick sessions. As they say practice make perfect and you will benefit from this no end. This is the time to practice leaving your shoes clipped to your pedals or putting shoes on then getting on your bike. (Do not try this for the first time on race day)


4) Trust your plan

Every person has a plan in mind!

Stick to it!

Don’t be a sheep and follow others this is sure to make your day go wrong it is a lot of time and money invested for your day to go wrong.


5) Know transition rules

Don’t make a simple mistake and get disqualified. Familiarize the rules such as helmet on before you touch your bike and bike racked before you take your helmet off, mount and dismount lines etc


6) Keeps things simple

Only take what you need into transition and race. I lay my kit out as I use it before I pack it to take on race day. I will lay out all the stuff I use in the swim, then all the things I need on the bike then the things I need on the run. Remember some things you have on in the swim you will have on in the bike and run such as watch, Heart Rate Monitor, Tri suit.

Once I have done this I will place out things I will need after the event such towel and shower gel, recovery products etc.

It is a simple way to do it but also effective.


Scott Hill

RAF Tri Coach and Kona Finisher 2015

Twitter @scotthill1983

Instagram @scotthill1983