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Training On Holiday: Yes or No?

Training On Holiday: Yes or No?

Holidays abroad or staycations can be a great way to switch off from the stress of modern life. If you have a big race coming up or you’re simply looking to stay active, you may decide to keep training or exercising whilst you’re away.
While we encourage you to make the most of your time off to relax and enjoy time with your friends and family, here are some tips on how to fit in some training whilst away from home, should you want to.

• Early mornings are your friend
One easy way to fit in your training without getting in the way of your holiday, is to get out nice and early for your swim, bike or run. If you’re back home before your friends or family wake up, they won’t even know you’ve gone until they see your Strava.

• Parkrun
With nearly 800 locations worldwide, it is likely that wherever you’re going will have a local Saturday Parkrun. A fantastic way to get a run done and explore the local area, why not take the kids along with you for some fun family training!

• Beach time
If you’re holidaying by the sea, take advantage of beach days. While everyone else is sunbathing or chilling on the beach, you can squeeze in a sea swim to keep your water mileage ticking along even when on family holiday.

• Getting there
If you’re staying in the UK for your holiday, (and you’re not going too far from home) you can make your journey to and/or from your holiday destination via bike and meet your friends/family there. Make sure you plan your route wisely so that your fellow holiday-goers can pick you up en route if you don’t think you’re going to make it!

• No pressure
Please remember, holidays are for resting and spending time with your loved ones, so do not feel too much pressure to train hard when you’re away. Recovery is a crucial part of your training, so make sure you enjoy your time off with your friends/family while recharging your batteries.
On top of this, be sure to take how far out your next race is into account. If you have a couple of months until the big day, taking a week off isn’t going to hurt!


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