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After 18 years of research, design and testing, ZONE3 is proud to offer a range of some of the fastest and most technologically advanced wetsuits on the market.

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After 18 years of research, design and testing, ZONE3 is proud to offer a range of some of the fastest and most technologically advanced wetsuits on the market.


Gear up for greatness

From the high-performance Vanquish X to the entry-level Agile, our suits are built to dominate.

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files/Vanquish-X_Wetsuit_-_Limited_Edition_-_ZONE3_UK-593641.jpg files/Vanquish-X_Wetsuit_-_Limited_Edition_-_ZONE3_UK-593641.jpg

Vanquish-X Wetsuit - Limited Edition

With all the existing technological advantages of the Vanquish-X, The New Vanquish-X Limited Edition boasts extra bio rubber on the back lumber to increase blood flow and reduce fatigue build up in the legs.

The unique black and gold design is a nod to the Limited Edition ZONE3 MMXII Wetsuit that was launched in 2012 to celebrate the London Olympics.

Each Limited Edition Vanquish-X also comes with free exclusive Venator-X goggles, Swim Cap and Transition Backpack.

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files/Vision_Wetsuit_-_ZONE3_UK-597473.jpg files/Vision_Wetsuit_-_ZONE3_UK-597473.jpg

Vision Wetsuit

The new Vision wetsuit makes a giant leap forward in the ZONE3 sustainability journey. The first triathlon wetsuit of its kind, it features a ground breaking new fully biodegradable material by Yamamoto - terraprene.

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files/Thermal_Agile_Wetsuit_-_ZONE3_UK-591938.jpg files/Thermal_Agile_Wetsuit_-_ZONE3_UK-591938.jpg

Thermal Agile Wetsuit

The Thermal Agile will keep you warm on your cold-water journey. Inner fleece lining on key panels provides insulation where you need it, ensuring you will be comfortable and supported. The suit not only provides superior warmth, but incredible flexibility thanks to the 2mm Flex-Fit Shoulder Panels which will keep you swimming for longer in colder waters. Finally, with safety in mind and ensuring full visibility in the water the on-body graphics have been carefully developed to keep you always seen.

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files/Aspire_Wetsuit_-_ZONE3_UK-582031.jpg files/Aspire_Wetsuit_-_ZONE3_UK-582031.jpg

Aspire Wetsuit

The Aspire Wetsuit is our most loved wetsuit and takes mid range performance to a whole new level.

With over 10 years of awards, The Aspire is the perfect wetsuit for both beginners and pro's - packing a punch in terms of features and technology.

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files/Aspect_Breaststroke_Wetsuit_-_ZONE3_UK-581808.jpg files/Aspect_Breaststroke_Wetsuit_-_ZONE3_UK-581808.jpg

Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wetsuit

Our Aspect wetsuit was developed for those with an interest in outdoor swimming as more swimmers move from pool to open water. This wetsuit is suitable for breaststroke or front crawl technique and is perfect for those getting started.

The majority of wetsuits on the market are only designed for surface swimming and don’t allow for the lateral leg movement required for the breaststroke technique. This is where the Aspect is different. Utilising a mixture of high performance Aqua-X, Smoothskin and High-Stretch Nylon panels, this wetsuit is designed to allow an extended range of movement between the legs and across the chest. To further enhance the breaststroke technique a combination of 1.5, 2 and 3mm thicknesses mean the legs stay submerged in the water and a natural breaststroke swimming position is maintained.

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files/Azure_Comfort_Wetsuit_Rental_-_ZONE3_UK-583445.png files/Azure_Comfort_Wetsuit_Rental_-_ZONE3_UK-583445.png

Azure Comfort Wetsuit Rental

The Azure Comfort is the perfect suit for anybody just starting out in open water swimming or triathlon. Alternatively, it is a great training suit if you want to save your best suit for race day.

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Testers found that strategically placed panels and unique materials made this one of the most comfortable, flexible, and well-fitting suits they tried.

Triathlete Magazine speaking about the Vanquish-X Wetsuit

Incredible, flexible, buoyant, planet friendly. - The Terraprene Vision

Sarah K. - Customer

Perfect fit and buoyancy. If you swim in the Vanquish-X you will never want to wear something else

Joep Staps, 70.3 triathlon PRO.

I got a referral from friends to buy the Advance Wetsuit and they were not wrong, I love it. It fits like a dream, cosy and warm, with plenty of flexibility for swimming.

David C. - Customer


How to put on a wetsuit

  • Which ZONE3 wetsuit will keep me warmest in cold conditions?

    It is important to remember that everybody differs when it comes to tolerance to the cold, it is up to the swimmer to determine how long they can swim in cooler temperatures, though it is something to get used to.

    Our wetsuits have varying core thicknesses and panels up to 4mm/5mm and all should be sufficient. However, we do recommend purchasing ZONE3 neoprene accessories such as base layers, thermal vests, socks, gloves and swim caps to improve warmth by layering or adding protection to areas exposed to the cold water.

    Our Thermo-tech range of accessories offer greater protection against the cold than our standard Neoprene accessories.

    Our Thermal wetsuits are based on the standard model of the same name with the addition of a fleece lining layer inside the suit. You may find that the thermal version will feel a little more snug than the standard model, this is due to the lining of the suit.

  • What makes a triathlon wetsuit different?

    Wetsuits were first developed for diving and water-sports, designed to provide warmth in the water. Traditional wetsuits are generally thicker for added insulation with a tougher, more rugged outer to cope with the wear and tear. The thicker neoprene is quite restrictive and difficult to remove but this isn’t as crucial a design feature.

    Triathlon wetsuits are designed with both of these attributes but also flexibility, hydrodynamic resistance and ease of removal (in transition). Their construction is very different to a surfing wetsuit, with a significantly higher number of panels and varying neoprene thickness to ensure maximum flexibility through the shoulders, buoyancy to elevate the body position in the water and thermal protection.

  • Do you do plus size wetsuits?

    We know that people come in all shapes and sizes, and we are delighted to have extended our sizing options in many of our suits up to XXL for women, and also including an ML size for shorter ladies.

    We constantly review our customer feedback with regards to the sizing of our products and are working hard to ensure our sizing is as inclusive as possible.

    If you are having difficulty in determining which size would be the best for you, please get in touch with your current weight, height and chest measurements and we will be very pleased to assist you in selecting the most comfortable option for your needs.

    Email us at

  • How do I fit my new wetsuit?

    When putting on your wetsuit, undo the zip and fold the suit in half so you can step into the legs of the suit. Pull the suit on using the inside, fabric-side, of the suit to avoid damaging the outside smooth neoprene with your fingernails. Try instead to use the pads of your fingers. Also avoid rushing to put on as this will get you hot and the suit will be harder to get in to.

    The seam on leg of the suit should run of the inside of the leg. The longer end of the leg holes should be aligned to the front and the shorter sides to the back. Be sure you move the neoprene in the legs up towards your crotch. Pull the neoprene in the arms of the suit towards your shoulders. Make sure not to use your fingernails at any point.

    Hold the base of the zipper with one hand while using the pull cord to do the zipper up. Be sure the inner zipper panel sits flat underneath the zipper. If possible have someone help you do the zipper up. It is important to push your shoulder blades together so it is easier to pull the zip up.

    The suit should fit snugly but not uncomfortably. If the collar feels too tight, be sure the suit is high enough in the hips and have someone help pull the back of the suit up through the zipper towards your shoulders.

    When removing the suit undo the zipper before undoing the collar. Make sure you are holding the shoulder or body of the suit when you remove it.

  • How do I care for my wetsuit?

    Please follow some of these simple guidelines to ensure that your wetsuit stays in the optimum condition:

    - Rinse well in fresh water after every use.

    - Minimise time left in direct sunlight and aim to dry in the shade.

    - Dry inside out first and then dry outside.

    - Best kept flat and folded behind the knees and then in half, best stored in a cool place.

    - Only use a hanger for short periods of time and use as wide a hanger as possible.

    - Do not allow others to use your wetsuit. It has been fitted for your body shape and no body larger.

    - Avoid contacting the velcro with the inside lining of the wetsuit as this pull on the sensitive fibres.

    - Keep the velcro covered with the fabric patch.

    - Ensure you do not damage the wetsuit material with fingernails.

    - Avoid use in chlorinated swimming pools.

    - Always use a plastic bag to help put the legs and arms on. The smooth surface of the plastic makes the suit go on easier. This results in less adjustments needed and less contact with the material to achieve the correct position.

    - The ZONE3 triathlon wetsuit range has been designed to optimise performance during racing. Its use should be restricted to swimming or triathlon racing.

    - Don't put it in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

    - Don't iron.

    - Don't wash with detergent or bleach.

  • Can I get my wetsuit repaired?

    We always recommend checking over your wetsuit each time it has been worn to make sure any nicks are addressed immediately. If left unrepaired, they can cause stress points on areas and become larger if not addressed as soon as possible.

    If the rest of the wetsuit is still in a good condition then a small repair could be the only thing required to have you back swimming.

    We recommend Black Witch Wetsuit Repair Glue which repairs nicks and cuts within a few minutes. The Black Witch Neoprene Glue consists of toluene free formula and rapidly repairs simple joining of seams or edges. It bonds the rubber firmly and maintains the suits flexibility, and robustness. It is also suitable for use on latex wrist and neck seals, and silicone seams.

    If you have not carried out a repair before, we recommend watching a video for guidance, here is Global Triathlon Network repair video on YouTube: How To Repair A Wetsuit | GTN's Ultimate Guide

    Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to repair wetsuits in house, but we do recommend you contact a neoprene repair company if you are not comfortable with performing the repair yourself.

    They may be able to help you repair:

    - Fingernail tears & nicks

    - Seam splits & general wear repairs

    - Zip repair & zip replacement

    - Panel replacement

    - Alternations

    Bodyline Wetsuits



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