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The Benefits of Wearing Compression Calf Sleeves

The Benefits of Wearing Compression Calf Sleeves

If you aren’t looking to replace your running tights or shorts just yet but you would still like to experience the benefits of compression when you run, cycle, swim or recover, then you want to try compression calf guards.

Designed to provide pressure and support

Wearing calf guards will help your calves and legs feel fresh during training or racing. With graduated compression to boost circulation through the working legs and fight gravity by adding pressure to the veins to increases the velocity of the venous blood return to the heart.

Injury prevention

Calf guards can be beneficial for preventing shin splints, calf cramps and strains, but they are not a cure for existing injuries. They will however help to support weaker areas or ease pain during exercise or assist you in recovery.

Guards and Compression garments will help you to stave off new injuries, however, by stabilising and supporting the muscles and the breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics will keep you dry and your muscles warm whilst you train hard which will help to prevent strains and injury, whether you’re outside or in the gym.

Compression guards can also help to decrease muscle fatigue, keeping you feeling stronger and your legs fresher for longer. The guards restrict the legs’ full muscle movement, or oscillation, during exercise, which causes tiny tears. By reducing the muscle vibrations during exercise which contribute to fatigue, you prevent some muscle damage, save the body vital energy and ensure there is optimum blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which aids swelling and inflammation.

The ultimate supplement

Calf guards are a great answer to anyone who wants to supplement their triathlon gear rather than replace anything. Guards can be worn with or under your existing running tights, cycling gear and even under your wetsuit, with some athletes finding it easier to remove their wetsuit with calf guards on, which means they may even help to quicken your swim-to-cycle transition. And if you do have a favourite pair of running socks? Don’t worry, your feet will be happy in their best socks whilst your calves enjoy the benefits of compression, whether you’re training or racing.

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Wearing calf guards after hard exercise for a minimum of 2 hours can increase recovery time because after exercise blood can stagnate in the calf muscles. Compression helps to increase venous blood flow through the muscles, boost oxygen and nutrient return to the legs to ease muscle fatigue. It also helps to accelerate the removal of waste toxins and lactic build-up and boosts the lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Zone3 seamless calf sleeves

The Zone3 compression calf sleeves are designed to offer optimum venous return, therefore increasing oxygenation and reducing the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. This helps to increase your endurance, speed and recovery time.

Key features of the seamless calf sleeves

  • 360° seamless construction for comfort.
  • Designed for racing, training and recovery.
  • Quicker muscle repair. Allowing you to train harder and compete with reduced post-exercise fatigue.
  • MSS – Muscle Support System built in to reduce muscular vibration and improve shock absorption.
  • Aids injury prevention from muscle tears and cramping, shin splints and impact injuries and joint pain.
  • Highly breathable and moisture-wicking fabric provides temperature control and moisture management.