The World's Highest Rated Triathlon Brand

In 2007, Zone3 was founded by elite triathletes at Loughborough University. Since then the brand has built one of the finest reputations in the endurance sports market.

This has been achieved by a deep-rooted passion for endurance sports and ensuring that every product offers market leading performance, innovation and functionality.

Since day one, we have held an athlete-centric approach to garment creation, working alongside a full spectrum of athletes and highly skilled designers to ensure each product is made with laser-precision and the highest performance materials available.

Unfortunately, there is no ratings agency who measures the customer perception on a brand or product in our sector. Therefore, our research has been conducted internally by looking at both industry and consumer ratings and compared against our main competitors. 

We have looked into three areas:

  • Industry specific magazines which regularly test products and give a ratings across a range of brands and products.
  • Consumer reviews written on third party eCommerce websites.
  • Feedback from live testing events such as demo session.

Industry Reviews:

We have identified three triathlon magazines which test products regularly across a wide range of triathlon brands and give ratings and awards based on how the products and brands compare to each other. For this we have therefore selected 220 Triathlon, Triathlon Plus and Triathlete USA.

The outcome of our research shows that Zone3 has achieved a higher percentage rating and more product awards than any other brand over the last eight years. 

A selection of these reviews can be seen in the brochure below:

Here are some of our favourite extracts:

“As close to perfection as you can get”

“It’s no exaggeration to say that this suit blew our swimmers away and was the perfect fit”

“Quite simply a stunning suit with great features that’s an absolute steal”

"Swimming in the suit is every bit as comfortable and energy efficient as swimming in suits costing twice as much.”

Consumer ratings:

We have also researched end-user consumer ratings. This is what gets us really excited because they are written by everyday athletes who love our products enough to use their own time to share feedback with other triathletes.

We have researched the reviews left by customer on our biggest retailers such as Wiggle is the largest triathlon retailer in the world and stocks a very wide range of brands making it a great place to compare customer ratings. Our research found that over the last two years, Zone3 has had the highest average review rating compared to competitor brands who sold over 5000 units per year excluding exclusive products.

Key facts include:

  • Over 800 x 5 star reviews
  • 96% of reviewers would recommend our products
  • Over 90% of all reviews are 4 star or 5 star rating
  • Average scores across 131 different products of 4.51 out of 5. 

We are incredibly proud of this data as it cements our belief that Zone3 truly does offer the ultimate in performance products for triathletes and swimmers. Our product-first philosophy and commitment to excellence has resulted in athletes of all abilities being able to achieve higher levels of athletic performance and enjoyment within the sport. This is why Zone3 exists.

Test sessions: 

Customer feedback is highly valued at Zone3 and in the early days our founder traveled around the country visiting triathlon clubs and open water swimming venues, allowing athletes of all levels to try the products and provide feedback to improve the product further; an approach which proved to be hugely beneficial and helped cement the brands reputation early on as one of the most innovative in the sport of triathlon. We continue to visit clubs and meet with athletes as part of our commitment to the sport and lifestyle.

We listen to our athletes during fittings and controlled testing to understand their needs. We follow a ritualised process in attempting to quantify exactly what makes a particular aspect good or bad - it’s the science of connecting technology with human nature in order to create something amazing and innovative to enhance performance.

We have held 1000’s of test sessions over the years where customers can try out our products before purchase and compared them to other brands. The feedback we continue to hear is that our products have a superior fit, offer higher levels of comfort and are faster. There is nothing better than this for us. We love customers being able to try our products before purchase as it helps to cut out any marketing ‘hype’ and allows the customer to first hand understand how the products feels and perform.

We know how much work goes into racing triathlon and we are here to help on your journey. Whilst you focus on training and balancing everyday life, we are dedicating every moment to creating the very best products for you. And we’ve been doing this for over ten years now; we are experts in our field and will never stop driving forward.

For more information on our development process please check out our About Us page.