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ZONE3 has built one of the finest reputations in the endurance sports market. This has been achieved by a deep-rooted passion for endurance sports and ensuring that every product offers market leading performance, innovation and functionality.

Since day one, we have held an athlete-centric approach to garment creation, working alongside a full spectrum of athletes and highly skilled designers to ensure each product is made with laser-precision and the highest performance materials available.

Customer Reviews

We have researched the reviews left by customer on our biggest retailers such as Our research found that over the last two years, ZONE3 has had the highest average review rating compared to competitor brands who sold over 5000 units per year excluding exclusive products.

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Industry awards

Our products are consistently scored highly and awarded top honours by the three most popular triathlon magazines; 220 Triathlon, Triathlon Plus and Triathlete USA. In fact, ZONE3 has achieved higher percentage ratings and more product awards than any other brand over the last eight years.




  • Vanquish-X

    'The suit is fast, comfy, and the new improved features make it a stand out suit to race and rain in. 100% recommend it.'
    Tim Don, 4 time ITU World Champion

  • Aspire

    'Possibly the most comfortable wetsuit we’ve ever worn. It feels like a second skin in the water, and because the arm material doesn’t go thinner than 1.5mm, no warmth is lost in order to gain flexibility in the shoulder panels.'

    Triathlete Magazine

  • Vision

    'It's no exaggeration to say that, once on, this suit blew our swimmers away. The fit was perfect – and water-tight – while pro speed silicon coated cuffs on the wrists and ankles meant it slipped on and off. Our testers particularly loved the single panel across the shoulders which gave unrivalled flexibility and tireless movement in the arms.

    Flexible, comfortable and buoyant. Unbelievable quality at a bargain price.'

    Triathlon Plus Magazine - 5/5, Gold Award

  • Advance

    'The Advance wouldn’t feel out of place against many of the mid-range products available at twice the price... a brilliant all-rounder that comes at a great price’
    220 Triathlon Magazine




  • Lava Tri Suit

    'Designed for long-course tri, this rear-zipped suit is the best all-rounder on test, outperforming the others in each discipline.

    A fine-looking and top-performing suit.'

    220 Triathlon Magazine - 95%, Best on Test

  • Activate Tri Suit

    'The silky, drag-less fabric of this suit makes it a joy to swim in and there is good built in support for the bike and run. Silicon grips on the inside of the knees were perfect at keeping the legs in place and our testers loved the shorter length of the shorts.'

    Triathlon Plus Magazine - 4.5/5

  • Aquaflo+ Trisuit

    'The Aquaflo+ has plenty of performance-orientated features for a sub-£100 suit... It fits the bill for longer races; with a comfortable 14.5cm wide chamois, wide leg grippers and plenty of ventilation across the back.'

    220 Triathlon Magazine - 84%, Best Value




  • Prism 2.0 Jammers

    'We've found after numerous swims and washes that the fabric has completely held its shape and quality, with no hint of fade in the geometric pattern, which is just the right amount of busy without being too exuberant.

    Quality jammers that are made to last.'

    220 Triathlon Magazine - 90%

  • Prism Strapback

    'The fit was comfortable and managed to exactly perfect the delicate balance of good looks with just enough coverage. The fabric felt good quality, with a strap-back design allowing full range of movement without digging into the shoulders.

    Quality suit that just fits perfectly and performs in the water, plus we like the print! 86%'

    220 Triathlon Magazine - 86%, Best Value

  • Buoyancy Shorts

    'These shorts place you into a position similar to wearing a wetsuit — just as a pool buoy might — but without the restriction of holding something between your legs. You wouldn't want to wear them for the whole session but to put them on for a pull set will encourage you to relax and improve your kick the wetsuit way.

    Great idea and a useful addition to your swim-toy bag.'

    220 Triathlon Magazine - 86%

Goggles & Accessories

Goggles & Accessories

Goggles & Accessories

  • Volare Goggles

    'While you could be forgiven for thinking goggles might be an afterthought for a brand best known for wetsuits and tri apparel, that definitely isn't the case here: the Volares received universal acclaim from us and everyone else who tried them during testing.

    A mightily impressive set of goggles that tick all the performance boxes.'

    220 Triathlon Magazine - 94%, Best on Test

  • Vapour Goggles

    'These shiny lenses don't just look cool – they're actually incredibly comfortable and functional, with super soft silicone gaskets and great visibility through the polarised lenses. The small knobs on each side make adjustments a cinch.

    Triathlete Magazine

  • Attack Goggles

    ‘I found these to be the most comfortable goggles on the list, with a great range of vision too. I used the tinted blue lenses, which helped prevent glare from the sun when swimming outdoors in the middle of the day. They were also well-suited to the artificial light of the swimming pool when using them for an indoor training session. These are definitely going to become a regular feature of my swim kit!’

    Outdoor Swimmer

  • Transition Backpack

    'The Brit brand have refined the traditional design in this 40L version, including a fleeced MP3 pocket with lead outlet and an internal waterproof and removable wallet for race licences - two brilliant touches. We've used this for years for pool runs with the kids and it provides some calm in the chaos, while the waterproof bottom compartment has yet to leak.

    Some great tri-friendly upgrades make this a brilliant and affordable racing companion.'

    220 Triathlon Magazine - 90%, Best Value

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